Here vobshchem and all: that it is best of all how many and as long.
There is one more question, namely: And that there with pobochka, the fact that speak about impotence, the fallen-off liver and other nightmares is how real? About impo, it to whom is not known, depends Methandienone only on two reasons, the first reason psychological, from it happens impotence, and the second reason cancer tumors (adenomas) of a prostate. Everything, more from anything impotence will not be. If the person has a tendency to oncological diseases, then he should not accept steroids since complications with a prostate can pass into an illness. If the person is healthy, then steroids cannot lead to such consequences. 

What is possible at prolonged use of big dosages: oligospermiya, full stop of production of endogenous testosterone. All these results of impetuous and not competent application of steroids, strangely enough have reverse motion. Someone for restoration of the endocrine system needs weeks, and to someone months, but the main thing that these processes are reversible, ktoba and that did not speak to you. I know the person who had a full set pobochek the androgenic steroids connected with the wrong and especially prolonged use. It, perhaps, had all in the worst way, it passed treatment within a year, for that period his wife could not become pregnant, but probably its organism longer than usual returned to normal, and one and a half years later his wife successfully became pregnant and now it has two already growing up children. 
At many children using it is long, even with the professional purpose, steorida are safe families, absolutely healthy children are born on a course (glory to You My God). Examples I can bring much, in 12 years of trainings from which most part steroids were used, I learned enough about these things, and on own example including. But about it only in private communication. 
The myth about impotence and remains the myth, and that Methandienone about what will be told still by envious people? The liver is badly influenced only by the tableted preparations alkilirovanny on 17 alpha. To cause real damage to a healthy liver, kilograms of the eaten tablets and years of their consuming are necessary. If your liver is healthy, then you can be afraid, to spoil nothing it you will hardly be able. If serjezno, then it is simply not necessary to take a pill with a formula 17 an alpha longer than 5-6 weeks and it is desirable to do breaks between courses of the tableted preparations approximately as much.
So, with what to begin the first course it has to be clear, as well as it is clear that detailed knowledge of how to build the diet and trainings is necessary.

Part second Diet

So, in the first part we superficially concerned a question of food. Time on an example to explain how the athlete the purpose of which has to eat came growth of muscle bulk is. As I already spoke, process of food is almost continuous, of course, not literally, but nevertheless, it is always necessary to remember - in time to eat it a basis of muscle growth. Practice shows that the number of meals in day has to be not less than five if you really want to progress. 

I give the approximate scheme of time of meal and the list of the products which are the most valuable below:

08:30 - 1y reception, for example: 4-5 whole eggs (in any kind), 1 potato, black bread, vegetables. The breakfast can be it approximately, but it is not obligatory, happens not bad and to screw a plate of porridge, the main thing that you understood that in a night glucose level in blood at the healthy person gradually falls if in the morning the athlete does not eat food for restoration of its concentration in time, then a glycogen in muscles by means of a number of enzymes turns into glucose that is inadmissible, for the training athlete as the glycogen is necessary for food of the working muscles. That the glycogen always was at the high level, you need to eat often. And after a dream it is desirable not to delay food.
11:00 - 2y reception. 200-250 gr. chicken fillet, Methandienone rice, vegetables, black bread.
14:00 - 3y reception. 250 gr. red fish (salmon best of all approach - cheap, conveniently and it is very nutritious), buckwheat.
17:00 - 4y reception. 200 gr. beef (or a turkey, it is possible fast pork), macaroni of a rough grinding, vegetables.
20:00 - 5y reception. 200-250 gr. low-fat cottage cheese with milk, yogurt or kefir.
23:00 - 6y reception. 100-150 gr. chicken fillet, vegetables salad, black bread.